Monday, March 21, 2011


So Feb. post was a complete bust. I only had a few more days but laziness got the best of me. Well, the sick fairy got the best of our family and seriously is doing some major work on us. Its like a duck duck goose game with her passing it back and forth between my wee lil family. But we have finally kicked it and are finally to the road to recovery. (Fingers crossed)

But now we are in March and boy has Spring season sprung. Slight Breeze with 70 degree heat is my type of Spring. I'm hoping it sticks around for a few weeks because Summer weather can creep any momment and boy does it get hot. But as I always state,I would pick desert heat over humidity any day!.

With all this Spring weather and Spring Break passing us by,we were able to enjoy the weather and get out and about. The zoo sounded like a grand idea with El Paso finally opening up the Africa part of the Zoo. The girls were so estatic over the girafees. We were also able to dust off the old grill and do so good ol grilling and chillin.

Please stick around Spring cause we are not I have yet to Spring clean my house for the Summer.

Here is some pictures to gock at: (Taken with my IPHONE that my husband spoiled me with..whoop whoop mama is up with Technology)