Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines 2012

We are not real big on Valentines. Mainly for the girls.This year we skipped the outing and decided to bring the candle light dinner to our house. My oldest was in charge of the place cards and setting the table. She did a might fine job. She was so excited that we got to use the good china.(Lol) In our house we use paper plates and to save time on the clean up and more time vegging with the family. (Admitting that I Hate to wash dishes and my dishwasher is my best friend in the kitchen) The menu was siimple: Grilled pork tips and chicken breast, potatoe packets, and corn. My loves actually loved it and finished it. For dessert, my MIL made us some chocolate strawberrys and boy did we gobble those down. I was in total bliss. I think we will keep this tradition up.