Friday, August 26, 2011

Picky eater with bland taste buds

So lately I have been dealing with some picky eaters. And its just not one of my kids its all three (including my husband)I'm sure there is one in every family but ugh I have to deal with 75% of my family. Luckily, my youngest there is still a chance considering she pretty much eats whatever is in front unless its pica (hot)! Oh the woes! How I wish to eat whatever I want without catering to one's of not liking a particular thing. Its freaking annoying really. I am a big advocate of you eat whats cooked and if you dont like it you dont eat at all. That's what I dealt with growing up. OH how there are nights when my glorious effort of making a beautiful dinner, GONE TO WASTE! With my daughters, I can control with what they eat. But daddy on the other hand, sigh, he is a different story. If they see him and he is not eating something I demand them to eat, oh the battle dinner table is on! For example, yesterday I bought Enchilada plates from my daughter school for a fundraiser. I brought them home plated and was actually relieved that no plates would be dirty and my time could be used chatting it up on how everyones day went. But NOOOO! Onions were discovered and my money was wasted cause there was too much going on in the menu. Daddy advised" no one told you to buy those?!" I went off the limb! Its to support our daughters school ! Why wouldnt I buy those damn plates. So the husband opted to cook Simene (ramen noodles) instead. I was furious! Just for once I would love for the kids not gripe and just eat the damn food I cook or order. I know I didnt cook it but sheesh trying times and saving every penny counts. One day we will be on the same page and hopefully I can blog that hell froze over cause they ate every bite. Until then, WISHFUL thinking! How have you conquered picky eating?

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Yesterday me and the hubs celebrated 4yrs of marriage! I the hopeless romantic type And will quirky messages as if im still in high school! Lol i tried to surprise him with this

But if you know my husband his morning routine its always in a rush just so he can get that exta zzzzz! So he totally didnt see it! I was a bit bummed but sucked it up and proceeded on with my day since my co workers bday is the same day as our celebration. I wanted to make it big for her like she did for me so i decoeated her office as so

She absolutely loved it! Its always a plus when you can make so happy on their special day! As the morning went on someone showed up with these

We swore it was for my co worker but lo and behold they were for me from my beloved husband! I was on cloud 9! He totally turned my Day around!

Since it was my turn to schedule where we were going to celbrate i set up my parents to watch the rugrats and made reservations at Mesa bar and Grill (review to come) i loved it and so did hubs! Next year will be our big 5! Cant wait to see what the year brings us so until then A TOAST TO ETERNITY I LOVE YOU BABE !
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Friday, August 19, 2011

RWW-Austin, TX July 2011

RWW: Returning Warrior Workshop - Returning Warrior Workshops (RWWs) are a key component of the Department of Defense Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program. Designed to honor Sailors who have completed an Individual Augmentee (IA) assignment in combat zones or those Sailors exposed to highly stressful situations during deployment, the RWW addresses personal stress generated by deployment activities. Although a Reserve Component event, Active Components are strongly encouraged to participate.

My husband is a big advocate for family workshops when it comes to dealing with deployments. A representative came to my husbands unit and he jumped all over it. We really did not know what to expect but boy were we impressed and highly recommend it to those who are ever presented the opportunity. All expense paid trip for the Sailor and a guest (whether it be a significant other or a friend that truly supported them through this hard time). We applied to the the one in Austin, TX. In the midst of summer, July is not a time to visit the East side of Texas. With temps in the 100's, 75% humidity you can imagine that staying in doors is all we wanted to do. But we did get out. We were able to visit the Capitol, 6th Street, and other parts of town. Luckily, the hubs had family in town so we were able to site see in the 3 days that we were there.

In the 3 day that we were there, they provided a lot of presentations from various speakers that were also sent to a combat zone. In terms of being the supporter of my sailor, with these presentation, it gave me a better insight on how my husband was feeling and ways to deal with it as a supporter of what they called my "warrior" It also gave an assurance that my husband was not the only one feeling they way he felt when returning back to the "civilian life". I really enjoyed it and got to meet other really good people from all walks of life. It made me and my husband that much closer and I would do another one if we were given the opportunity.

Its not easy having a loved one shipped over seas. But with this workshop, we were given tools and technique as a starter to getting back to where we wanted to be not only as a couple but as a family. I am proud of my Sailor and thank all those who sacrifice the ultimate most to serve their county. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lil ms priss!

So guess who came home woth a bad note from school today!

Her first! :(! This lil mugger right here! Lol! Oh i pray for her sometimes! I just hope this isnt a frequent one!

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lake tahoe sneak peek!

Sunset at the lake! My bundles taking it all in! my fav picture more to come from our vacation!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Grandma Ese!

My grandma celebrated her 85th birthday and luckily my cousin sent me some pictures of her celebration.Being half way across the world, its hard to come by pictures like this. She has yet to my new created family and hopefully one day we will make that trip to NZ, but during their summer cause baby jesus NZ has crazy winter. lol. I wish we were closer to family to do the huge shin dig! But life is life! Manuia lou aso Fanau Grandma! May God Bless you and many more years to come. Alofa atu!