Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hoppin on the Manu Samoa Rugby Train!

So I must I admit I have jumped on the Rugby band wagon! Today is the official start date (New Zealand time) Rugby has been a big buzz since Manu Samoa beat the Australia's Wallabies which has made history since they were not expected to win.My cousin has been telling me that its like pride mania in NZ. Guttered that Im not there to celebrate with them. She was also telling me that people are going flag crazy. Decking out their ride to their house representing their home country. Including my cousin herself lol. Sweet red wheels with Samoa pride all over it. lol. Chrissy your the best.
CONFESSION! For someone who has jumped on the bandwagon, I must admit I don't understand a lick of it. Nothing. Nada. Besides the eye candy that resides on the team. I am what they call Samoan breed raised palagi. lol. I grew up with the traditional American Sports football, basketball, baseball etc.I don't know how the scoring is. Or when the players decide to do that huddle routine where someone is easily asking to break their neck. Or even throwing a random player in the air when throwing in the ball from the sidelines. Or doing the touch move with the ball. Ive seen so many games that we would watch when we made trips back to Samoa. But All i know is that a try is a score. lol. Theres nothing wrong with rooting for a home team that you know will take the win. Maybe I can get one of my savy rugby knowledge cousins to school me like they do with their NZ But I like how short the game is. You have 30 mins to get as many TRYS. At least thats the jist I get. lol. Unlike American games, they can go on forever. Mind you we are in football season and my televison has been taken over by my football hungry husband. With that said! GO THE MANU! Best of luck boys. Bring it home big!


  1. I am with you Kim - I know next to nothing about the game. Never watch it. Can understand it. But am enjoying the unifying hype over here in Auckland. I love seeing Poly's everywhere with their flags and everyone is smiling and waving at each other - cant tell if we're Sa or Tongan or what - but what the heck, its all good! (and yes, i do love me some good rugby eye candy too lol)

  2. Hi Kim... Go the Manu! I'm like y ou and Lani. I know enough to jump up and celebrate and scream choshooohooo, but still trying to learn the lingo. Lol. My latest trip to the Muthaland was the rebirth of my appreciation for Rugby. Came home with it and now my son is infected with it. So now he's doing all this youtubing and then schooling me on it. Lol. He's in awe of Alesana Tuilagi. Lol. Its great to see how much support is being seen all around the for corners of the Earth! Samoa represent!!