Monday, August 6, 2012

We are in full swing ....of Nothing well not really

Lol. I cant help but think that this was a calm and boring summer. I guess thats what happens when you take vacation early on in the year. So these are the world of Events that have been going in my household these past couple of months MAY - I have a 3 year old diva going on 10. She is very picky, observant, and can sass you if you are in her way of getting her way. Do not get it twisted though she knows her role when it comes to her parents, but her sister way different story. JUNE - DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!! I officially turned 30 and loved every bit of it. I had a blast with my family and close friends. I especially happy cause all my siblings came out. Its rare we get to party it up and when we do we go big. Lets just say that I woke up with one hell of a hangover. So it was a great birthday. JULY - My oldest started Kinder. (Happy and Sad at the same time)She loves every minute of it. She has a different story every day. - My brother in law made it safely back from his deployment. So now we are in August, the month where me and the hubs will be celebrating 5 years of blissful marriage. Its his turn for planning so we will see what happens. I also hope to get back into working out again because things have been so well "summer mode" and unmotivational. I think I been on holiday since spring break which was back in March. lol. To the next adventurous episode, I bid you farwell. lol

Monday, June 11, 2012

Breaking news on TELESA PART 2

My good friend and best-selling author Lani Young has released the print Edition of her second book in the Telesa Trilogy, 'When water Burns'. I can't wait to read more of Leila and Daniel's story.

Go get your copy today it came out earlier then intended. I got mines on order and cant wait to read it.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Book Rant: Fifty Shades Trilogy

So I joined the readers bandwagon,and hopped on the Fifty Shades train. Boy was it an escape from reality. All my reader buddies were ranting and raving about this book and how it was one of those kind of books you cant put down. I finished all 3 books in 4 days. They all contain 300-400 pages. Besides my Telesa book being 1st, this has to be the second most engaging series of books I've ever read. I literally cried, cussed, and laughed. At first I didn't think I was going to like it. Skimming through the books I thought it was about a girl infatuated with her boss, but was I was off way off. I also thought this would be a romance novel something towards a Daniel Steele collection, but NOPE, again, WAY OFF. Lets just say there is high sexual content in it. Ladies beware, your husband, boyfriend, or significant other will love you for this. It takes love making or whatever you call it to a whole new level. Book 1&2 was the most engaging. Book 3 It just dragged. I think the author could do with out this one. But overall, I would recommend it. I rate this a 4.5 out 5. If you want an escape from reality, this is your ticket. Happy monday!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

We Are Young

As 30 is slowly approaching, I come to realize that I am very blessed and boastfully happy with life. As everyone complains, about how they are scared to reach this age. I welcome it with open arms. Life is about moving forward. With my family and faith, anything is possible. For my fellow 30's , this is our anthem and play it loud and sing it proud...cause really this journey has just begun.... WE ARE YOUNG and live life to the fullest! Cherish those around you and tell them you love them.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

HOT OFF THE PRESS:Afakasi Woman by Lani Wendt Young

Just bought mines today! Go get your copy! Lani is one of the best Samoan authors I know. Well really the only Samoan author that I personally know. lol. Thank Heavens for social media! With the kind of day Im having today, I cant wait to bury my face in it to give a review to come!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Missing teeth mile stone

So the tooth fairy visited our house recently and boy was it a big deal. Isa notice that something was growing behind her baby teeth and we looked and notice that her big girl teeth were already growing in. She was so excited and we would find her in the mirror playing with it. Well on Mar 19 it finally fell out and the mission Tooth fairy arrival commenced. I must admit I slacked it and was totally exhausted from work and the traveling was catching up to me. I fell asleep at 930 and waking up realizing that it was the next day and I have yet put any money or even fairy dust to trail her presence, but lo and behold my husband came to the rescue and added more to his overflowing SUPER DAD She was super estatic and yelled at the top of her lungs "MAMA SHE CAME SHE CAME!!!" With the biggest smile on her face, she showed me that the tooth fairy left her a note and $5 dollars. With my wide eyes, I replied my goodness you have some good cash gold in that mouth of yours. lol. As of today, we have another loose tooth. And another 5 year old, hogging up the bathroom mirror trying to wiggle it way out so she can add more cash to her piggy bank. At the rate her teeth are going I think I might to talk to the fairy on downsizing the price of those teeth. lol.

Monday, March 26, 2012

What happened!!!

I went from blogging BETTY to no blogging at all. Im usually cam whoring it up on IG (Instagram for you non IPHONERS) or ranting about something on FB. We have been so busy that I havent had time to really blog about anything. Alot has been happening in our household. From Vacation to loosing tooth. Hopefully I can use everyday this week to do a run down on the happs. The first: vacation. We usually wait til the summer to take our yearly vacays. But we opted for a spring one. Our first stop was Waco to go visit Mr. Mans side of the family. They have yet to meet my girls and were excited to do so. The girls always love to hear about our up bringing and we went on a tour of where my husband grew up and such. The girls were so intrigued. A couple of days later we headed down to San Antonio were we scheduled a week of fun filled activitys for the girls. Everything was bliss until the morning our car got broken into. BLAH! They stole our camera which had tons of wonderful bliss memory. Luckily, that was the only thing that was taken. Hence, we only have pictures on our phone to remind us of our blissful vacay. Its an ugly feeling and I hope the camera breaks down on who ever has it and Karma bits them 3x fold. Luckily, we were blessed to be able to find a place and replace it. We were going to end the trip but we were reminded that we were safe and all things taken and broken could be replaced so we proceed to stay 2 more days. Im glad we did becuase by the end of the trip we were back in bliss mode. Thank goodness for great friends. For our first road trip, our girls did quite well. Things we learned never drive over night, its useless because in the end your children sleep the whole way . Solution, leave at the crack of Happy Monday everyone

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines 2012

We are not real big on Valentines. Mainly for the girls.This year we skipped the outing and decided to bring the candle light dinner to our house. My oldest was in charge of the place cards and setting the table. She did a might fine job. She was so excited that we got to use the good china.(Lol) In our house we use paper plates and to save time on the clean up and more time vegging with the family. (Admitting that I Hate to wash dishes and my dishwasher is my best friend in the kitchen) The menu was siimple: Grilled pork tips and chicken breast, potatoe packets, and corn. My loves actually loved it and finished it. For dessert, my MIL made us some chocolate strawberrys and boy did we gobble those down. I was in total bliss. I think we will keep this tradition up.