Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wonderful bliss weekend!

Isa had her first soccer game and she saved 3 goals as goalkeeper! My dancing diva totally loved it! The team totally dominated not that they were keeping score but there were more goals shot on their goals then ours!

We also got to see some manu samoa action! Pretty intense game. Pops even cooked out for it. We were hooting and hollerin like some pocessed animals! Pisi foot was def on fire which put them on the board and the rest is history! Im slowly getting the jist of the game but i would be lying really! Lol. The nxt game is going to be while i am at work so hopefully i can sneak a glimpse or two of the match!

Me and hubs finally had a date. I even broke out the red lippies! Lol. We went to the mall like some teenagers trying to see what we could get our phancy on and instead bought stuff for the divas.(the days of buying nice stuff for us are over when we have lip gloss poppin tots at home) Then went to see the movie WARRIOR awesome flick! Then lunch at some hole in the mexican joint la malinche best one in town.

Im hoping to drop in with some real entries soon just hang tight!!!! Happy tuesday

Thursday, September 22, 2011

An ode to my sister

Happy birthday sister! We love you and wish u many more to come god bless!

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If you jumped the bandwagon, cause I have so go ahead and click that link TEAMPOLY~ and add me to your circle. If I dont have enough social networking in my life. lmao! https://plus.google.com/i/Fs_CL6kCcns:jKwqz-XM4Ao

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Midlife Career Crisis Vent...a phase..RIGHT?!

I have been meaning to blog about this for some time now. God has showered me abundantly with so many blessings. - A loving and hard working husband that spoils me and my children endlessly. - 2 children that are bright and beautiful and ask curious questions why things are done they way they are - A supporting family that stands by me and my husband no matter what - Friends that have been there for us through thick and thin - A gift of health and Life (After losing 35 lbs I can say I am winning back my life back one lb a time & it feels great) - A job that supports us to provide for our little family to put a roof over our head and food on the table and the necessity to get through life. All in all, one would think that life would be perfect, but being I turned the big 29 a couples month back I have been having s spiral of uncertainty of how my life has turned out career wise. Dont get it twisted, my life is perfect but the aspect of wanting more in life is a different story. Back when I was 21, I had a journal that I wrote in faithfully. I wrote about anything and everything in that little book. Rummaging through my old stuff at my parents house I read about where I saw myself 5 years down the line. And saw that everything that I thanked god before previously was on my list of where I saw myself EXCEPT the sore thumb that stuck out a perfect CAREER life changing job. I may be a bit selfish for having a job and not being happy about it. Whereas, the economy that we live in, there are hundreds that are without employment and no ends to support their family. But I think I am entitled to happiness. I work for small family owned business that has flourished tremendously especially during the recession. When I graduated from college and worked for a call center at the time, I took the leap of faith when I joined this company. To the point, that I even worked in his garage of his house to help his business grow. Over the years, we eventually moved out of his garage and into a piece of crap office that stored all of his products. Business was so good that we outgrew three warehouses in matter of 4 years. We were in high demand. Soon his family quit their corporate jobs, in efforts to help too. When this happened I was no longer in the lime light of help and was left in the shadows to do the dirty paper work they call it. Soon all the hustle and bustle came to a halt. With a switch of light, we were no longer so hot no more. Recession was being affected everywhere and fast. Companies were downsizing including some of our main customers.The company filling the tightness as well and had to let go of some people and even cut back on hours. Its been a roller coaster lately and uncertainty has def set in my life. I have worked for this company for so long and could not imagine where I would go from here. I was not fortunate and funded my own way through school. I ended up graduating but in a degree that I cant find myself using in any of the jobs that I have applied for in the past. My motivation to go back to school is there but the reality of trying to find means to pay for it is a discouragement in itself. There has been application filled out. Interviews have been made. All for it being sent a letter that you were not the right candidate and someone has been picked over you. Its such a downer sometimes. My husband advises that this is just a phase that I am going through and it too shall pass. Maybe I am being impatient, and I want things to happen in matter of seconds, but reality sticks in and sometimes life is a waiting game.Out of all of this, I pray to god in hopes that there is something better. God is the reason that I keep striving in hopes that he will have an answer for me on my next step. There are so many directions I want to go but being pulled in others for one reason or another. As I type each word on this issue, it makes me feel a little better as I release this to universe in hopes for an answer soon. Something will avail and God will not fail me along with my husband or the family and friends that I have in my life.

Monday, September 12, 2011

#Teampoly link up!

With the all the RWC 2011 fever going down in New Zealand, its so great to see all the polynesian countries show their pride in one form or another. Ive been wanting to do LINK UP PARTY for the longest. Since the release of fellow friend/ Author Lani Wendt Young, Telesa: The Convenant Keeper! , (Which is a awesome read, click below to get your copy today. I promise you will not be disappointed. You will be wanting more!) i have stalked stumbled across a lot of poly bloggers and some great one's at that. Its always great to promote poly writers since there is not that many out there. Just to mention a few of my favorites Sleepless in Samoa, Lyfes Lyrics , Fagogo mai Samoa, Rock Fob, What Goes Under the Coconut Tree, Sugar Shack Shenanigans , So go ahead link it up and add your link below. Lets spread the word of #TeamPoly

Are you that mom?

Are you this mom? The one who uses technology to best of its ability. This is the usual stance my husband sees me every time he walks in the room. So he says. My face buried in my phone. I admit that Im what they call the "social network" mom. I refer to my phone for everything and Anything. The I phone has pretty much APP's for everything and I love the luxury of it. I blame him for being the sweet husband he is by surprising me with such a techie gift. He didnt have to replace the piece of crap blackberry that I had before this one. But he says that that he cant have a normal conversation without me peeking into my phone on what notification has been "pushed" to my phone. I have been summoned that after 500p that I am stricken from my phone to do what normal families do. I laugh at his assumption of a normal family. He hates the fact that I have a blog and doesn't know why I have to blurt to the world on every little aspect of my life. But I try to convince him this is my outlet to letting things go to the universe. As I doing so right now. lol.
Maybe he is right and I need to cut back on my social networking FB, twitter, and blogging. But I love to faikala and its so much fun seeing the happenings in everyone else's life. So really do you get the nag from the husband that your technology use to too much?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hoppin on the Manu Samoa Rugby Train!

So I must I admit I have jumped on the Rugby band wagon! Today is the official start date (New Zealand time) Rugby has been a big buzz since Manu Samoa beat the Australia's Wallabies which has made history since they were not expected to win.My cousin has been telling me that its like pride mania in NZ. Guttered that Im not there to celebrate with them. She was also telling me that people are going flag crazy. Decking out their ride to their house representing their home country. Including my cousin herself lol. Sweet red wheels with Samoa pride all over it. lol. Chrissy your the best.
CONFESSION! For someone who has jumped on the bandwagon, I must admit I don't understand a lick of it. Nothing. Nada. Besides the eye candy that resides on the team. I am what they call Samoan breed raised palagi. lol. I grew up with the traditional American Sports football, basketball, baseball etc.I don't know how the scoring is. Or when the players decide to do that huddle routine where someone is easily asking to break their neck. Or even throwing a random player in the air when throwing in the ball from the sidelines. Or doing the touch move with the ball. Ive seen so many games that we would watch when we made trips back to Samoa. But All i know is that a try is a score. lol. Theres nothing wrong with rooting for a home team that you know will take the win. Maybe I can get one of my savy rugby knowledge cousins to school me like they do with their NZ slang.lol. But I like how short the game is. You have 30 mins to get as many TRYS. At least thats the jist I get. lol. Unlike American games, they can go on forever. Mind you we are in football season and my televison has been taken over by my football hungry husband. With that said! GO THE MANU! Best of luck boys. Bring it home big!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Dolce gelato

Taking me back to my germany living days. They didnt have much of a selection but for small shop it was good enough! They had your basic flavors n some tropical flavord like coconut mango n mojito orange it was heaven!

Mommy serving Mojito

Strawberry cute lil recliner for the tots

Missy thought she was to good for the little chair

They even had a small lil play areA

Overall a pretty good gelato place 2 thumps up!

- blogging on the go with my iphone!