Monday, August 6, 2012

We are in full swing ....of Nothing well not really

Lol. I cant help but think that this was a calm and boring summer. I guess thats what happens when you take vacation early on in the year. So these are the world of Events that have been going in my household these past couple of months MAY - I have a 3 year old diva going on 10. She is very picky, observant, and can sass you if you are in her way of getting her way. Do not get it twisted though she knows her role when it comes to her parents, but her sister way different story. JUNE - DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!! I officially turned 30 and loved every bit of it. I had a blast with my family and close friends. I especially happy cause all my siblings came out. Its rare we get to party it up and when we do we go big. Lets just say that I woke up with one hell of a hangover. So it was a great birthday. JULY - My oldest started Kinder. (Happy and Sad at the same time)She loves every minute of it. She has a different story every day. - My brother in law made it safely back from his deployment. So now we are in August, the month where me and the hubs will be celebrating 5 years of blissful marriage. Its his turn for planning so we will see what happens. I also hope to get back into working out again because things have been so well "summer mode" and unmotivational. I think I been on holiday since spring break which was back in March. lol. To the next adventurous episode, I bid you farwell. lol