Thursday, March 14, 2013

Review of Illumine Her by Sieni A.M.

** Illumine Her **
After being away for three years and graduating nursing school, Alana Vilo finally returns home to Samoa and knows nothing will ever be the same. Consumed with grief from the loss of her father, she buries herself in her work and the obligations that come with a large family. While her colleagues anticipate the arrival of a mysterious benefactor, Alana remains unimpressed, until she meets him. Chase Malek is not at all what she expects of the philanthropist that has donated so much to help her island’s hospital. Young, handsome, and strangely knowledgeable of their local customs, Alana realizes there's much more to Chase than meets the eye. After a traumatic experience with one of her patients, her suspicions are confirmed. Alana starts to resurface as she attempts to uncover all of Chase's secrets. As she starts to put the pieces together, she learns more about herself, and the walls she put up after her father's death slowly start to crumble. But now that she's opened her heart and let Chase in, will he even be able to stay? Or will his greatest secret of all keep them apart?

 My Review: A love story with a twist. For the fact that its by a Samoan author. I love it already. I love anything Samoan these days. lol. I love how more and more Polynesian authors are finding their voice and making their work of art be seen and heard. Without giving away too much, I loved how the characters were challenged with dealing with taboo issues that Samoa faces everyday and ways to overcome them. You feel the anguish and determination that the main character is going through. The author did a magnificent job on the details as the story evolves.Looking forward to more works by Mrs Sieni. Get your copy today !!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

5 Random Things

I have been wanted to blog entry for ages, but with life of wife and mom duties and endless hours on social media sites I have yet to get to it. Anyhow, so to get my blogging entry a flowing here goes 5 random things about yours truly. 1. I love showers and bath with scalding water. Hence, why my skin is ultra dry. lol. 2. I can watch hours of food channel and cooking channel show. My husband hate it. My girls despise it because it interrupts their disney channel of Good luck charlie and Shake it up. 3. I cook like my dad. Make what my heart pleases on what we have on hand and hope for the best. Husband calls it poor people cooking. I call it being creative. I love these days but family on the other hand rather eat pizza. 4. I love love love Malt Vinegar and wish I could eat it with everything. lol 5. Social Media is my downfall in interacting with others. I rather text, facebook, or even communicate through a picture (INSTAGRAM) Sometimes I wish, well really my husband, that it could be like old times where we could just talk with the interruption of buzz, ding, or bling. lol. Happy Tuesday everyone.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

What is to come

Want to get back into writing
Topics I want to blog about
Image of my life
Are you your mother
Aspects of being an american with Samoan traditions
Life of nontraditional ways
Border Life
Military Brat the life you love to hate
Love for my Siblings
Patience? Are you there
Yoyo diets!?!? Story of my life
The career which is lost in translation
Finding our faith in everyday purpose

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Owe myself Money day 4

Workout $1
15 min Cardio Killer- Nike Training App
55 squats
**extra credit**
Rep 2x
20 push ups
15 leg lifts
15 side rises
10 plank pushup

Monday, January 7, 2013

Owe myself money

Workout $1
Warm up
50 squats
50 toe touches
50 jumping jacks
Rep 3x below
25 situps
25 mountain climbers
25 side leg raises
1 min plank
Rep 2 times below
15 shoulder press 10 pushups 15 tricep dips

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Owe myself money- workout day 2

Workout $1
40 jumping Jacks
40 horizontal Lateral Jumps
40 Vertical Lateral Jumps
40 squats
:60 sec plank
**Extra credit: Booty Call From Toneitup**
30 half bridge
20 side leg lifts per leg
20 Clams per side
30 sway half bridge
20 on 4s hamstring Curls each leg
20 on 4s leg lifts each leg

Food post

Sneaking in veggies one meal at a time!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Worked out day 1- owe myself a dollar

Morning workout $1
Squat hold -:30
Mountain climbers-30
Half bridges-35
Reverse crunch-60
Jump jacks-35
Front kicks-35

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Save Money 2012

Im really hoping I stay with this

Body Measurements

Being accountable for everything. This is the heaviest I have been and its a big eye opener that Im 46%body fat and obese. This is the year of change. I need to set more realistic goals and motivate myself to work out. As promised here are the measurements:


To new begininngs!

Snowmaggedon in the Desert

My love enjoying the snow at work

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

You have to start somewhere

Day 1- before pic 1-1-13
Start with me on my Journey
Modified Pushup-20
Leg Lifts- 30
Bicycle crunches-20
Tomorrow I will start my food journal
and record my inches

Happy New Year

2013 New Years Resolution
*figured since there is 12 months in a year I could pick 12 things I really want to accomplish in 2013*
1. Patience for my family
2. Work on my relationship with god and attend mass more often.
3. Be more presentable meaning wear makeup more often then none.
4. Fixing mine and my familys eating habits. Working towards clean & moderation.
5. Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. Even 12 mins makes a difference then doing nothing
6. Drink more WATER!!!! H20 is of essence.
7. Focus on my family needs rather than wants.
8. Start a new journey in my career path.
9. Less time with the gadgets and more time with the family
10. learning to adjust when things do not go as planned.
12. Be the best mother and wife that I can be!!!