Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wardrobe Battle

OMG! lately I have been at battle with a 4 year old and the choices she seems to make on her own that best fit her and boy have we gone at it. I understand the whole jist of "GUIDING" them to a direction of character. But dang it, im going to go ahead and pull the BS card on that one. There is room for in dependency, but Im still old fashioned and have cue into "MOMMY's knows best mode." My oldest feels that she has to battle me everyday on what she would like to wear and how she would like her hair to be fix. There are days where I act upon request but then there are days where Im in a rush and just cant complete it in a timely fashion manner. Oh boy, let the crying fest begin. She has turned from my understanding toddler that helps me at any request to a water hose going crazy. For example, this morning she didn't like how I set out pedal pushers out for her to wear and how she requested SHORTS instead. Mind you, I'm already running late because I snoozed the alarm a bit too LOOOONNNNGGG!!!! I wanted to tell her unless the washing machine miraculously can work in 30 sec you can have your shorts, but I told her that its dirty and she would have to make due with what I have set out. Oh boy, it was on and she was not having it. Trying to be patient with her I asked her nicely to find her shoes and that she could wear shorts tomorrow. She replied back, "But mommy then tomorrow I wont want to wear them!!!" Yeah buddy that flipped the lid. My hulk Samoan side came out and started yelling in Samoan, " Aikae!lelo. Fia sasa oe? alu su'e lou seevae i alu mai lou palasi fai lou ulu!!! Alu ia i Faavave" Mind you Im screaming like a damn kettle. And even more whaling is in the air while she is trying to do what I requested. As all of this is going on my 2 year old is saying " mommy, I be nice!" In terms that I must be yelling to loud and to bring it down a notch. Finally after all the commotion, she comes to me to apologize for being ugly and that she will wear whatever I put out for her. I wanted to say "Damn right!" but I opted for the more sincere response instead. It takes a lot for kids to switch into understanding mode and apologize for the wrong doing they did. If I was a true Samoan I would of scolded her and shoe her off but Im the new age parent and show my kids that I love and understand their frustration but sometimes when mommy is in a rush. I will always win the battle. lol.


  1. I think there must be wardrobe battles taking place in every house where there's kids Kim! Wait until you have teenagers and you cant MAKE them wear what you want anymore sigh. Im just grateful that my 13yr old daughter has a very conservative dress style. She doesnt like revealing clothing at all and sometimes i get irritated with her because I'll get her a skirt and she turns her nose up at it "because its too short" Excuse me? It touches her knees! But im glad that she doesnt want to dress like all the other skanky ho teen girls running around out there. BEcuase then for sure the crazy Samoan mum in me would have to come out.

  2. Aww the same happens with my aunt and her eldst daughter! she just won't wear what she picks for her! kids can give you a rough time! :) great blog, Im your new follower, hope you'll follow back :)