Monday, March 26, 2012

What happened!!!

I went from blogging BETTY to no blogging at all. Im usually cam whoring it up on IG (Instagram for you non IPHONERS) or ranting about something on FB. We have been so busy that I havent had time to really blog about anything. Alot has been happening in our household. From Vacation to loosing tooth. Hopefully I can use everyday this week to do a run down on the happs. The first: vacation. We usually wait til the summer to take our yearly vacays. But we opted for a spring one. Our first stop was Waco to go visit Mr. Mans side of the family. They have yet to meet my girls and were excited to do so. The girls always love to hear about our up bringing and we went on a tour of where my husband grew up and such. The girls were so intrigued. A couple of days later we headed down to San Antonio were we scheduled a week of fun filled activitys for the girls. Everything was bliss until the morning our car got broken into. BLAH! They stole our camera which had tons of wonderful bliss memory. Luckily, that was the only thing that was taken. Hence, we only have pictures on our phone to remind us of our blissful vacay. Its an ugly feeling and I hope the camera breaks down on who ever has it and Karma bits them 3x fold. Luckily, we were blessed to be able to find a place and replace it. We were going to end the trip but we were reminded that we were safe and all things taken and broken could be replaced so we proceed to stay 2 more days. Im glad we did becuase by the end of the trip we were back in bliss mode. Thank goodness for great friends. For our first road trip, our girls did quite well. Things we learned never drive over night, its useless because in the end your children sleep the whole way . Solution, leave at the crack of Happy Monday everyone

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  1. OMG your car got broken into?!!? I am so sorry to heat that!! Well atleast that is all they took, but dammit my camera is my shit and i'd be pissed! But definitely atleast you all are safe and ok!!