Tuesday, February 26, 2013

5 Random Things

I have been wanted to blog entry for ages, but with life of wife and mom duties and endless hours on social media sites I have yet to get to it. Anyhow, so to get my blogging entry a flowing here goes 5 random things about yours truly. 1. I love showers and bath with scalding water. Hence, why my skin is ultra dry. lol. 2. I can watch hours of food channel and cooking channel show. My husband hate it. My girls despise it because it interrupts their disney channel of Good luck charlie and Shake it up. 3. I cook like my dad. Make what my heart pleases on what we have on hand and hope for the best. Husband calls it poor people cooking. I call it being creative. I love these days but family on the other hand rather eat pizza. 4. I love love love Malt Vinegar and wish I could eat it with everything. lol 5. Social Media is my downfall in interacting with others. I rather text, facebook, or even communicate through a picture (INSTAGRAM) Sometimes I wish, well really my husband, that it could be like old times where we could just talk with the interruption of buzz, ding, or bling. lol. Happy Tuesday everyone.

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