Monday, September 14, 2009

These are our Stories!

So I decided that my other blog was starting to pry to much into my personal side of my life. So today marks the new beginnings of making memories of our everyday life.

Deployment count down

So yesterday, marks our countdown to Mike leaving us for 2 months to train for his deployment. LUckily, he gets to come back for Christmas for 10 days and then off he goes to fight for Uncle Sam for the next 9 to 10 months. Its devastating news, but being part of a Military family we have to expect this one way or another. Im already used to not seeing him for a whole month when he does his Annual training tour every year. This will only makes us stronger. I can only imagine what toll this will take on my little girls. They are such daddy's girl. Especially, my 2 year old. She is so strung on her dad. He has her so spoiled that Baby girl get's upset if she doesnt get her daily hug and kiss before he goes to work. So all we can do is ask is to keep him in your prayers.

***Baby girl with Daddy in uniform. Goooo NAVY!!!***

Some great events has happened these past few weeks.

Ilyana Baptism
On September 19, we had Ilyana baptised before the Catholic community. It was such a great day. Even Mike's dad was in town to witness this great event. Afterwards, we celebrated this joyous event with a big party at my mother in laws house.

*** Ily's Baptism Invitation.*** BTW (I did them through Walgreens Picture Card!)Awesome



On Sept. 11, our dear friends Steve, Diana, and big brother Caden (CMAN) was gifted with a new bundle of joy, Madison Kayleigh Isabella. We were so estatic to know that her birth went well and her mother did an even greater job bringing her into this world. They are truly blessed and we cant wait to meet the lil lady bug.

*** 2 weeks old ***

Big Sis Lina Bday Bash

So to celebrate my sister's *21st* birthday. She decided to have her shindig at peter piper pizza. It was a blast and she was spoiled with a bunch of gifts and cake.

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