Sunday, October 4, 2009

Samoa, we will remember!

September 29,2009

A date that will forever be remembered. Its on the news and people have been affected by this one way or another.

On Sept 29, 2009 , Tuesday morning, Samoa was hit with a 8.9 earthquake which minutes after caused a horrifying tsunami to follow. This cost many lives and left some parts of both Upolu(Western Samoa) and Tutuila(American Samoa) that were once known for its beautiful beaches and loving hospitality in ruins.

Being stateside you can only think of the worst and pray that your family is doing fine and were in a safe place during that terrifying moment. Hours later I was relieved to find out that my mothers family that lives in the village of Fagatogo was well and safe. Everyone was accounted for. But as I watched the news and read articles some families were not so lucky and the numbers of missing and those found dead were rising into the hundreds and my heart just crushed for them. I wept in their despair cause they were caught off guard with out any warning and those who did get warning were too late.
*** Samoa Aftermath ***

Being Samoan, we are from small islands that have big hearts. And we all came together to help our mother country because of this devastated event.

Today, Sunday October 4th.

clean up and help on the island is still being conducted as reported by the news. People are still trying to grasp the concept of what just happen and preparation for burials of loved ones are starting to begin. In Samoa, a mass burial and memorial service will be held on Thursday of those who were found and brought to the mortuary. Many of those who have found their loved ones have already buried them as seen in belows clip.
*** Burial in Samoa begins ***

It just breaks my heart as a mother, daughter, and wife to see many of my people in despair. I feel especially for those children who were swept away and didn't have a chance. As a mother, I can only feel their pain to see their seed go.
*** A mother recounts her daughters lost ***

Helping hands all over the world are flowing into Samoa and Am Samoa to help those who survived this catastrophic event. Brother and Sisters of Samoa all over the globe are doing what ever they can to help.

If you want to give a helping hand you can donate to the following.

To my people of Samoa. We are Samoa. My love and prayers go out to those who lost loved ones and will be forever kept in my heart. Faavae le Atua mo Samoa!

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