Monday, November 23, 2009

Falling in love all over again

So its been a month and a couple days since hubs been gone. Its been getting easier as the days go by. To my suprise, on Friday my hubs surprised me with roses delivered to my work. My heart melted and made me fall in love with him all over again. It was a total moral booster. It made me miss him even more.

The ROSES!!!

Saturday was even better day cause I went to go out and see New Moon with my girl liz. Ahh...what a wonderful movie. Yes, I was sucked into the twilight addiction and must say that vampires are not my thing. So im totally on TEAM JACOB! Taylor Laurent did an awesome job but some of his lines were kind of quirky and made us giggle here and there. His character should of been a bit more fierce. But all in all his body was BANGING as well as the other wolf packs! Husband was pulling jealousy walls on me when I was ranting and raving about the movie. It was Hilarious.

Thanksgiving is in a couple days. Hopefully I can pull some pictures. Havent been in the picture taking mode. But cant wait for all the good food and family. The joy of the holidays being in season!

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  1. Hey we had a big New Moon party! I look forward to reading your fam's adventures. While I am not a huge Twilight fan (for different reasons), I enjoyed the movie. Stop by and check us out sometime.