Tuesday, November 10, 2009

where has the time gone...

I have been on MIA status and in my death bed for the past week, well thats not fair to say my whole family has been on their death bed. The flu decided to pay our household a visit and literally knocked us out on our feet. What a great way to kick off the month of November. But thankfully we are good now and in recovery mode. A few coughs here and there but they are productive ones and good signs that we are recovering well.

But before all the catastrophic health issues began, we celebrated my nephew's 3rd the day of Halloween. October 30 is his actual birthday but we decided to celebrate Halloween with his birthday. What a great way for the kiddos to celebrate Halloween. I cant believe he is 3. It was just yesterday my sister was bringing the first grandchild home. What a joy!

Shots from his birthday n Halloween. Tamu decided he wanted to be batman and a dinosaur for his halloween Celebration. And I was some kind of Cheetah woman with adorable Tinkerbell babies.

Everyone is just growing so fast before my eyes. Especially, my youngest. This Past sunday she turned 6 months. Can you believe it she is 1/2 a year old. On top of that she is busting her 1st bottom tooth. How I hate teething.
Oh how I will tear when she turns 1 and my oldest turns 3 next month. Am I really a mother of 2. Its unbelieveable on what God has granted me.

My growing tot!

* sniff sniff * my babies are growing. Well daddy is doing great in his training and we got good word that he might be home for christmas earlier than expected.Crossing fingers. toodles

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