Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas is in the Air!

After gruling hours, I finally got my huge 9" tree up. YES!!!!! I seriously need to invest in a prelit tree cause having to string the tree with lights is exhausting, but then again well worth it. My mom came over to help me and donated her ornamets as well. Alofa atu MAMA!!! I so love my mom and she has such a keen eye at decorating. I was going to wait til husband came home and we could make it a family evenet but I wanted him to come home to cozy christmas home and not have to worry about anything except spending his time with his family and close friends. Plus, being stubborn and impatient as I am, I probably would make a fuss about how its not going my way.LMAO! We got word yesterday that he will be coming home to us the mid of next week. Butterflies in my stomach. lol. I have yet to tell Isa but will surprise her with her daddys arrival. Tommorow is Isa baby big day. im so excited for her and so is she. For the moment here is our other decorations for the house.

The chimney

My girls tree!

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  1. I love the set up. Girl when your babies and hubby look back at all the years you'll be sweating your butt off to do up their Christmas, it WILL be memories they keep for a life time. It is hard work and your tree is GORGEOUS! It will be worth it in the long run. I'm going to borrow your ribbon idea - so cute!

    Btw, this page set up is really nice.