Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our Countdown is here !

So Tuesday started our countdown to be with Daddy for the Holidays. We are so estatic and eagerly awaiting for his arrival.

Thanksgiving was awesome. Though he was not here, we have loving family that kept us busy. We have so much to be thankful this year! My list can go on and on. But we are mostly thankful for our family, friends and diffently our health. Pictures to come soon.

December is quite a busy month for us. Well for one, my baby girl Isalei will be turning the big 3. Cant believe where the time has gone. She is such a big and she seems to amaze everyday with her goofy personality. She is her dad in every way but a such a diva at times. (Totally blame on me). We are planning a big party for her at her favorite pizza place Peter Piper Pizza. So its going to be nuts on the 11th.

Her belated gift will be her fathers arrival just a couple of days later. I try not to tell her dates and when her dad is coming cause it just makes her question. At this age, she doesnt understand the whole deployment thing. All she knows is that daddy is at work and he is going to be gone for a long time. How can you make a 3 year old understand the world of war and the issue of why he is being placed in area where even our country doesnt know what we are fighting for? But this isnt an rant of politics. So ill end it there.

Lately, the weather in the El paso area has been on hiatus. Every other year the snow gods decide to grant us snowy holidays, and this year we were priveleged with snow two times in one week. Snow always reminds me of when I was a kid growing up in Germany. It was wonderful. Despite the wonderful snow, black ice and crazy drivers never mix well. Even when it rains people here dont get the concept of slowing down under extreme weather conditions they just keep speeding as if they are invisible. Pretty scary especially when traveling with young ones. YIKES!

Pictures from the Snow day

This weekend will be filled with some of our close friends birthday party so the hopefully the weekend and week will go by quick which means an even closer reunion with our man!

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