Monday, January 25, 2010

Keeping Busy

So we wouldnt go insane while daddy is gone, I decided to sign Isalei, my 3 yr old, up for some dance classes. Her first class started last week saturday and she was not feeling it and throwing a shy momment on me. So the whole time we sat and watched as she whined that she did not want to participate. And of all classes it had to be hula that she didnt want to do. UGH! She was a bit dramatized and let my whole family know about it. But luckily I sat her down to have a talk with her to see what was really wrong and she finally admitted that she thought there was monsters in her class. LOL..the things they come up with. But i confided in her that everything was ok and there were no monsters and that ballet would be a different story. Well it was a sucess on Wed. She danced the whole time. At the end of every class she gets stickers. So I went out and bought her a sticker book and for every page she fills up we will get to go to the movies. She was so excited. Today is her first tap dance class and Im hopping she does well. Cross fingers.

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  1. Sistah, she is half Samoan. I think you know she is a born dancer to begin with = )

    SO ADORABLE! Look at that tutu and that BIG pretty smile!