Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our 2010 Rough Start

Every year I try to make a resolution on how I can make myself a better person. You know the typical, loose weight, go to church every Sunday without skipping a beat, etc...it goes on and on. But this year was a different story due to different circumstances. Our year started off a bit bumpy, but its slowly smoothing out.

Our youngest gave us quite a scare. Right before Mike arrived, I notice that my kids were getting the sniffles. Its was around that time that kids get the common cold. I opted out the flu becuase they recieved the Flu and H1N1 already. We did the usual and took her to her pedi and was relieved that it was just a common cold. We were hoping that with just the help of a humidifier and shots of saline up her nose. It would do the trick. WRONG. We went 2 weeks and nothing was subsiding. Now she had a cough and was seriously having hard time sleeping and it seem that breathing seemed like a chore as well. It just didnt seem right so we took her back to her pedi. There was nothing they could do for her and her doc advise that to keep giving her Saline and it will go away. I confided in this Pedi in hopes that she was right and I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. We did what she told us too for 2 more days and finally she wasnt eating. So I had to take her to the ER room. It was rough getting her in cause apparently they dropped the ball and left us hanging without even taking her vitals for 30 mins. Way to long, so after bickering my husband to go complain they finally saw us. Once they evaluated her they noticed her oxygen saturation was way low and that she was using too much of her stomach muscle to breath and took her straight to the back. It was happening all way to fast. One prick of needles after the other. One more machine to hook her up too. Come to find out she was positive for RSV and was dehydrated and had bronchitis. We were at a military facilitiy and apparently they did not have the means to care for my child there so they had to medivac her to the nearest Childrens hospital. I was in shock and didnt know how to react. Didnt cry. Stayed strong for my baby girl. She looked so helpless with all those strings attached to her. They admitted her to PICU. It was that severe. If I would of waited another day or even weeks what would her condition been then. I was relieved that we caught it time. She was so exhausted having to fight the nurses on all the pricks that were being administered to her. Luckily after all the breathing treatments and steriods were given to expand her airways we were sent down to the pedi for another night of evaluation. She was doing great and we were discharged 2 days later.

All the while this was going on, my husband was packing his bag to leave us for the next 7 months. It was finally kicking in that he was really leaving and that our form of communication will be stricken to only days at a time. I was hoping that we would be released in time to see him off, but that wasnt the case. I broke down to him telling him that this wasnt how I pictured his send off to be. But he assured me that I was in good hands becuase of our family but also that Ily was getting better. The day he was supposed to leave we said our goodbyes that morning. I was just crying and couldnt stop. My husband going to war. Not me. But it was me and many other women were out there doing the same as me , sending their loved ones out to war.Since then, my baby girl has gotten better. We changed pediatricians and we are staying busy.

Thanks to God for helping us thru this one and many of our family and friends that prayed for us.

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  1. ohhh mama! i am sooo glad Ily is doing better.. as i was reading your story, i honestly felt my heart pulling for you and your fam. I know I would have reacted and felt the same way should that have happened to my kids.

    I know you are a strong woman and i commend you for holding down your fort while your man is out there holding it down in that war. I pray for his safe return home and I pray for you and your girls to make it while he is away. <3 you!