Monday, November 15, 2010

Time Warp

Seriously these past two months has passed us by. With baby girl in school and all the craziness that has fall upon us, I dont even know where to start. I guess I can start where I left off. Bare with me it will be pretty much picture heavy towards the end.


HUBBY finally made it home safely.

Baby girls first school field trip and my husband was here to take her on it. It was to one of the pumpkin patch and corn mazes. They had a grand ole time.

My husband step sister finally tied the knot and had a beatiful wedding in Las Cruces, NM (Organ Mountains)

Our dear friends from Hollister, CA, The Munoz familia paid us a visit with our yearly Salazar Munoz reunion. The last time we saw them we were only a family a 6 that eagerly grown to a family of 8. We are hoping for a Tahoe reunion but we will see what our wallet will say especially with the holidays flowing around.

Halloween was a blast and me and husband went crafty this year and made both our girls costume. This year theme was Sesame street since my youngest is so INTO Elmo and my oldest wanted to match her. Considering it was a no sew outfit we did pretty good spending only 15 each to make it.


We are all back to normal with Daddy being back. Like any other military family who has a loved one deployed, getting back to the jist of things takes time for all of us. With the love and support that we had with great family and friends, we did pretty well for our first deployment. Isa is no longer crying when I drop her off to school and is eagerly wanting me to drop her off early. What a sudden change. Im loving my life and we are finally complete.

Enjoy the pics

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  1. SO cute!! Love it!! The girls are getting so big!!