Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Next Chapter

Baby girl on her first day!

So yesterday was baby girl first day of "school". We were a bit reluctant on taking her to this learning center but after reading all the great reviews and feedback we decided that we would just give it a try. A plus was that it was just around the corner of our house and my commute to work would be cut in half. When I dropped her off, I stayed with her a little bit to get used to the surroundings. I think I was more scared for her then anything. They offered her breakfast and she willingly accepted. The director needed me to fill out more paperwork and advise me that she would probably be ok. But the minute, she notice I was gone. The crying began. My gut feeling was telling me this wasn't for her and I wanted to yank her up and leave the place.But my voice of reason, told me that I needed give it chance. Not even 2 minutes later the crying had stop. So I proceeded onto work. I worried about her all day. My husband called me during work but I pleaded with him to call the center to check up on her. I was to chicken to do it cause I was fearing for the worst. To our surprise, the teacher said that she was doing quite well and no problem what so ever. We were so anxious to pick her up from school even my oldest was excited to see how her day went. When I walked in, the director told me that she did very well considering that she never been in this type of care before. They also said that they moved her up in class since she was so advanced for her age. When they showed me to her new classes I found her sitting at the table chatting it up with the other kids. I wanted to cry cause I was so proud of her. The teacher had nothing but positive things to say about her. I definately had a proud parent moment.Today I dropped her off and she actually just waved bye to me and proceeded to her table as she has been going there for years and knows the routine.

Time is flying by too fast for me as my kids are getting older and I want to press the pause button. But I now life moments like this has to keep playing, so more chapters can be developed.

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