Monday, November 28, 2011

Thankful ..for him

So Thanksgiving holiday just past. And boy do I have a lot to be thankful for. My Job My family My Kids My friends My Home But really I am thankful for my HUSBAND. I may complain and rant on about how much he doesn't let things go my way,but really the numerous amount of how much I love and adore surpasses all that. No matter what rut I am in he makes me realize that we have each other and no matter what happens things will work out.God will work us thru in one form or another. In my previous post you may have read about how I was so unhappy about my career path that I was currently traveling upon. Well, that rut along with other lil things took a toll not only on me,but my family as well. It was my husband that made me see the light that everything was going to be alright and not to rush. Be thankful for things that are presented in the NOW and it will pave the path for OUR future. I swear as much as I hate for him to be right,he was right. My husband don't bullshit and he presents me with the fact. As much as I would love my husband to phrase things with flowers around it, reality is where I live and my husband likes me on that level. lol. Though it felt like I was being dragged thru a bed of thorns, in the end there was no scaring but really relief. We are on a new level and my perspective of life is actually looking up. So with that said. Thank you Lord for my husband. For him being so understanding and hardworking. And being the greatest father he can ever be with our girls. May you bless us with many more thankful years.

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  1. Beautiful tribute to a supportive and wise husband! I too sometimes hate to admit it, but my husband Darren is so wise and insightful and I really need to listen to him more. And complain less. Thank you for the reminder, I join you in giving thanks for loving, hard-working and uplifting partners.