Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Radio la chusma Concert

Radio La Chusma Bringing a unique perspective to the world through music, Radio La Chusma breaks down the barriers of age, race, language and religion. This six piece band features four part harmonies, electrifying violin and guitar solos, and a high energy live show. Their new “Pachuco” sound takes the reggae vibrations to a whole new level. Finding inspiration from pre-Columbian and African traditions, Radio La Chusma has been inspiring crowds for the past eight years. Known for their hard-hitting performances, Radio La Chusma performs over a hundred shows a year and has a strong presence and following throughout the Southwest. Currently, the band is in the studio working on their new full-length album and a soundtrack for a movie based on the border. My Bff introduced this local band to us a few years back and we fell in love and try to go to their concert as much as we can. They always put on a great show and its always a packed house and everyone moving to their great vibes. Luckily, we were able to score a sitter last weekend and go to their new album release party. My husband has been wanting to Check out Frontera Bagalu and they were the first act. Mexican at Night came on 2nd and their a mix of rock and pop. I love going to local gig shows because Im a big advocate of local talent. Frontera Bugalu

Mexican At Night

Radio La Chusma


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