Monday, October 26, 2009

Our First week !

So we survived our first week! Phew! I thought I would be crying by Saturday cause I missed daddy so much. But pretty much over it and have to be strong for my girls. Isalei is taking it a bit harder cause she is not used to me disciplining her all the time. But we will get over this hump, Im hoping SOON! I hate being the the consoler and the discipliner at the same time! *sigh* The key is to keep busy, so this week I planned to get out to the park as often as I could with the girls. Ilyana was amazed at all the excitement that was going on in the playground. Could not get that girl to budge for a minute. Funny how I wasnt the only mom there. Im sure they had the same idea of trying to pass time by dumping their kids off at park just to have a lil silent times to themselves as they watch their wee ones play. HA!

As far as our weekend, on Friday my bestie, Bea invited me and my girls over for a greek themed dinner. It was great. Im always up for new things for my taste buds to get excited over and they were really excited once that food hit my mouth. Too bad I didnt have my camera for ones to see, hopefully on another date.

On satuday we went to a family friend birthday party at Incredible Pizza. A advance place of Chucky chesse. A bit pricey but the games are awesome. The food was not my cup of tea. Peter piper is by far the best pizza and game eatery in our household. Isalei had a great time, Ily not so much. She was on cranky mode and wanted to me and her nana to hold her constantly so the birthday party had to be cut short. I headed over to my mom's house to stay the night which ended up us staying til today.

That was pretty much it. This weeks is Halloween week and Tamu's birthday is this Friday so we going to celebrate on Halloween.

Here are some photos for you to gawk @:

Life on easy street....aint easy being a Baby

One day I will be on those monkey bars

Fun In the Sand

Day at the park