Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why I love thee? #11 and #10

So I missed yesterday. BOOO, shame on me but I promise I am Trying to keep it up. So its Super Bowl Sunday and we are here watching the Packers and Steelers fight it out for the Football champions. Its pretty much a divided house. Im personally going for the PACKERS,Im always the one to go for the underdog. Even though we are a ride n die San Diego Chargers Fan! Its also my baby sisters 24th birthday so we doing it big for her with a big cook out to celebrate her big day. Happy Birthday Nique~ I hope you enjoy your day.

Now to my reasons of Loving my dear husband

Reason #11: Im lucky to say that I am happy to have a COOK or chef in my household.My husband can throw down. It always nice to take a break from cooking during the week. Especially when my husband grills. It could be in the dead of winter and freezing cold outside he will still be out making sure we have some good ol summer plates in hand.

Reason #10: He also tries to ROMANCE me whenever he gets a chance. A way where he tries to make me fall in love with him all over again. He still opens the door for me like a pure gentlemen he is. When we get a chance he tries to surprise me with last minute babysitters and take me on spur of the moment date nights. These nights I love cause its like as though we are in our dating days when kids werent born yet. He makes sure to tell me that he loves and kiss me goodbye anytime he leaves anywhere. Its all about finding time for each other. I must admit the spark gets bigger and bigger every year.

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