Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why I love thee Countdown.

In lieu that Valentines Day is upon us, I decided to give 14 reasons a day until Valentines on why I love my husband so dearly. I guess a way to WHOO my husband. lol. Plus to get me back on the blogging track.


#14 His humor! Since day one, he has always had me laughing. Those who know him always get a trip out on how much of a clown he is. I can be so mad at him at times but he somehow makes me laugh minutes later. I read somewhere you live a litter longer everytime you bring laughter into your life. So it tickles me inside to know that everytime that he makes me laugh, its one more second, minute,hour,day, months,and years I have to spend with him by my side. Thanks for making me laugh honey.

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