Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Due to inclement weather that has been bestowed lovely El Paso, work was called off and school was cancelled for my oldest. So I was fortunate enough to stay home with my lil divas. Since we live in the desert, apparently our city cant handle cold weather. Power outages out the wazhoo that all the power generators are all out of order. To pipes freezing over so some are unable to get water or even gas. The weather gods are surely messing with us. But hey so is the rest of the nation the east of us. Anyhooo, onto the most important subject matter: MY DEAR HUSBAND.

Though we got to stay home, due to my husbands profession he had to go into work and fight the cold weather and black ice. Which brings me to reason #13. I love him for being such a HARD WORKING MAN! He is our sole provider and works for every penny. He can be sick as a dog and still report into work. He is the one that you have to force to go home. Besides his day to day work, he also serves in our military and does an exceptional job at that. Those who really know him really know how he gets down when it comes to his work ethics. Thank you papi for showing me and our girls what it takes to make every cent count!

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