Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall fitting in Right on Time!

So things have been really hectic lately. With baby girls game and teaching my poly group. I really don't time to give you folks some real news. Isa is taking on Soccer really well. Though it was my sport as a kid its a way for my hubs to toughen the "Lip gloss diva". So that's his IN with his baby girl and boy is she competitive! October is always my favorite time of year cause the death summer days are over and Halloween, but also the dreadful time cause its literally my count down that Christmas is just around the corner. Every year I vow that I would start early but it always fail and there I am with all the other procrastinator one week before Christmas finding whatever on sale to gift the RUG RATS of our family. lol. But it shall be put to the back burner. With Halloween upon us, I always try to find innovative ways to dress up my girls HOMEMADE. For one, Im to cheap to go buy that $30 costume that I know my girls will wear once and stuff it in their closet which where it will remain til we spring clean. For two, HAVE YOU SEEN THE COSTUME THESE DAYS. Sex appeal like a mother. They get skankier every year. I mean I know there are girls out their the size of my 4 yr old but sheesh its like where did RATED G go. So we usually keep it safe and just do it ourselves. This year the girls wanted to be Ariel and Minnie Mouse. To my surprised I finished those suckers, WAIT FOR IT, four hours. LAst year I spent a whole week. But with a hot glue in hand and determination, I finished those bad boys. End Result
So, for those of you do celebrate Halloween, do you buy or do you have a Martha Stewart in ya to make it.

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