Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Telesa: The Convenant Keeper Trailer

My friend and Samoan Author, Lani Wendt Young , just launched her book in SAMOA a few days back. whoot whoot. Way to go Lani! Sharing the love of her a well written book by another great polynesian author! To buy a copy just visit : Telesa: The Convenant Keeper Nestled in the heart of the Pacific is Samoa - a lush tropical paradise. We walk to a different drum beat. Here, ancient mythology tells of Telesa. Demon women who are guardians of earth and gifted with the elemental powers of Air, Water and Fire.Telesa are vengeful and cruel.Tales to frighten children.Or are they more than that? From Washington D.C, comes Leila, in search of family, a place to belong. Instead she finds her destiny and it threatens to tear her apart. There is the bewitching call of a telesa sisterhood and there is Daniel. Will Leila embrace her birthright or will she choose the one who offers her his love with a crooked smile and dancing green eyes? Will Daniel be the element that gentles the fire of the Telesa? Or must love burn at the altar of the telesa covenant? There are many different kinds of love. All of them require sacrifice. Who will give everything for the one they love? About the Author Lani Wendt was born and raised in Samoa. She received her tertiary education in the USA and New Zealand. She has a degree in English Literature and Women's Studies and a Diploma in Education. Upon her return home to Samoa she worked as a secondary school English teacher and writer. Her short fiction has been published in Samoa, NZ, Australia and the UK. Her collection of short stories "Sleepless in Samoa" won the 2011 USP Press Fiction Award. She won the National University of Samoa writing competition in 2002 with 'A Sister's Story'. Her short story 'The Beast that Came from the Sea' was a Commendation Winner in the 2010 Commonwealth Short Story Competition. She also writes stories for children that are used in primary school reading programs. Lani was commissioned in 2009 to write the narrative non-fiction book 'Pacific Tsunami Galu Afi' which is her first book. Her book 'TELESA The Covenant Keeper' is the first in a YA urban fantasy series. Lani is married to Darren Young and they have five children.

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