Friday, March 5, 2010

Isalei's Say the Darnest things at Bedtime

Its Bedtime and tucking my girls into sleep

Isa: Mama,can I tell you something real quick befor I go mimi's

Me: Real quick and then to bed

Isa: I think we should get a boy, like a brother, for daddy.

Me: Really, why? (puzzled)

Isa: Cause daddy is a boy and i think we should get him somebody like daddy. He would like it mama I know. We can get him from the baby shoppe and surprise daddy when he comes home.

Me: (giggling) baby shoppe, huh?

Isa: Yeah, mama you just go and pick them off the shelf like my animals. So, tommorow when you pick me up from Olga we can go to the shoppe,K.

Me: (laughing) well see baby! Just go to sleep. I'll talk to dada to see what he thinks.

Isa: K mama Ill dream about it while im on the beach.

Me: K, baby go to bed now.

If only Isa knew that it didnt come that Easy. I told my husband about it and stated that we have months to save up for a baby brother and that I better not get a cash in advance while he is over there. lol. Happy Friday guys!


  1. Hi! Stopping by for a visit from MBC. Great blog.

  2. That is just too cute. I noticed you followed my blog and I thought I would stop by. I noticed your visitors map had a lot of El Paso, TX. That's where I'm from! :)

  3. Too cute, kids say the funniest things that just put a big smile on your face.