Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Letter from Mommy to her Child: Isalei

Dear Isalei

You have grown so much and grown into such a big girl. A big 3 year old that is so independent. But my stickler is how we fight constantly on brushing your teeth. Why must it be a fight? Its an every day fight that we go through that you are too tired and that last night's teeth cleaning should suffice for the day. I think otherwise little lady and so does the dentist. Please be a big and good girl and do your teeth a favor so the cavity monster does not pay you a visit. (""knock"" on wood) I love you baby girl and so does your teeth. I know that you are constantly reminding me that they will eventually fall out when you start school but we are far from it missy so lets get to it.

Mommy loves you baby girl
Always and forever!


  1. Hi girl, this is adorable!!

    I found you via MBC and am "simply following."

    Follow back at http://jotgiveaways.blogspot.com

  2. #3 loves to brush his teeth. By himself. Which the front two are squeaky clean, but in the back he's a yuck mouth. Have to wrestle that brush from his iron grip. Scared for his next appointment with the dentist. Good luck with your girl! Found you from the MBC comment group!