Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Hype!

So we have offically scheduled Friday night as date night with daddy on Skype. Its something to look forward to when the week starts all over again. Isa was especially excited cause she had a mouthfull to tell her dad and he was eager to listen. Ily was excited too but decided that she was too tired to stay up with us and fell asleep while all the excitement was going on. We had a few connection problems and finally the juice on hubbys computer decided to go out. But it was the best 30 minutes our lil family can wish for. Pictures to come!

My MIL went OFT this weekend so I got to keep lil cousin Elicia. Having a teen in a house is quite a different story, but she is such a big helper when it comes to my kids. With her staying with me, it makes me see what is to come when my girls get older. lol Anywho, I took her and Isa and my nephew Tamu to go see Alice in Wonderland. I was a bit skeptical about taking the tots cause of the abnormal costumes and Johnny depps extravagant makeup the kids would think it would be a scary movie. So I we sat them down to watch the trailer to see if they would like it and they obliged and eagerly wanted to come watch. Its been a while since Ive seen a 3D movie, but the movie was awesome. The graphics were spectacular and the movie line was even better. A lot of adult humor. lol. My kids did good to my surprise. They got their kids combo and cool glasses. But then 10 mins into the movie they started to whine and wanted to take the glasses off cause they were WAYYYY to big for their face. It was a bit fuzzy but they didnt complain. It was a 2 hour movie but they were easily entertained with all the action going on. We did the usual potty break request. ONce we got back they were getting anxisous and finally opted that they were tired and both fell asleep in my lap for the remainder of the movie. lol.

After the movie, we headed back to my sisters house to watch the UTEP basketball team play their last home game and try to run for the CUSA champ title. UTEP is my alma mater so I am proud supporter of them. Im not a big fan of BBALL but this was the best game ever that I have seen on TV. We were always on our feet. In the first half they were behind, but with all the sweat and tears they managed to pull through and win it by 2 points. Both my brother and BIL were at the game and texting how nuts the game was and the feeling of being their live was an even more treat. As we were watching, I saw my BIL on TV and called him that he was on and managed to take a picture of him as he was talking to me. It was

The nutty fans celebrating with the team after their win.

My lil bIL on TV. lol

We did our ususal Sunday brunch at my sisters and ended up cooking for the family. I cooked Carne asada fries for the kids and Stuffed bell peppers with rice for us adults. The weather was really nice and spring is slowly making its way to our city. Im so ready for the warm weather cause Im so over the cold. Hopes everyone has a great week.

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