Monday, September 12, 2011

Are you that mom?

Are you this mom? The one who uses technology to best of its ability. This is the usual stance my husband sees me every time he walks in the room. So he says. My face buried in my phone. I admit that Im what they call the "social network" mom. I refer to my phone for everything and Anything. The I phone has pretty much APP's for everything and I love the luxury of it. I blame him for being the sweet husband he is by surprising me with such a techie gift. He didnt have to replace the piece of crap blackberry that I had before this one. But he says that that he cant have a normal conversation without me peeking into my phone on what notification has been "pushed" to my phone. I have been summoned that after 500p that I am stricken from my phone to do what normal families do. I laugh at his assumption of a normal family. He hates the fact that I have a blog and doesn't know why I have to blurt to the world on every little aspect of my life. But I try to convince him this is my outlet to letting things go to the universe. As I doing so right now. lol.
Maybe he is right and I need to cut back on my social networking FB, twitter, and blogging. But I love to faikala and its so much fun seeing the happenings in everyone else's life. So really do you get the nag from the husband that your technology use to too much?

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  1. I am laughing at this one Kim, my husband tells me I may as well be married to my laptop and when i hear him walk in the front door, i dash to get off here! lol But thankfully, since I started doing the TELESA book stuff online, he's been more patient about it since i told him, 'this is my dream and my career honey, please support me'. When i put it that way he cant really complain too much...But my teenagers still really getting on my case. They tease me about my 'virtual' blog friends "how do u know all those people online are really real ay mum? Go outside and make some reali live friends...' Then i dont let them eat dessert. So mom always wins hah.