Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wonderful bliss weekend!

Isa had her first soccer game and she saved 3 goals as goalkeeper! My dancing diva totally loved it! The team totally dominated not that they were keeping score but there were more goals shot on their goals then ours!

We also got to see some manu samoa action! Pretty intense game. Pops even cooked out for it. We were hooting and hollerin like some pocessed animals! Pisi foot was def on fire which put them on the board and the rest is history! Im slowly getting the jist of the game but i would be lying really! Lol. The nxt game is going to be while i am at work so hopefully i can sneak a glimpse or two of the match!

Me and hubs finally had a date. I even broke out the red lippies! Lol. We went to the mall like some teenagers trying to see what we could get our phancy on and instead bought stuff for the divas.(the days of buying nice stuff for us are over when we have lip gloss poppin tots at home) Then went to see the movie WARRIOR awesome flick! Then lunch at some hole in the mexican joint la malinche best one in town.

Im hoping to drop in with some real entries soon just hang tight!!!! Happy tuesday

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  1. beautiful pics Kim! :) glad you all had some q-time!