Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 1: better late then never

So today was mad craziness and was going to subject not even post but going to strive n keep my promise & make it thru these 30 days faithfully! So here i am
DAY 1:post a picture of yourself and random things about yourself!

So this be me! Cheese!
1- love to camera whore when my makeup is on point lol
2. Military brat
3. Served in the military
4. Married into the military
5. Blog stalker
6. Obsessive over team poly anything
7. Twit n fb addict!
8. Can watch the travel cooking n food channel all day every day!
9. Blended family!
10. Today majorly sucked since i love sweets n the cavity monster did major damage on my tooth n conquered his territory! Which in return made me get a root canal! My mouth feels like a bomb has gone off or better yet a bus runned over it!

So with that said here is to my pain killer cocktails i bid you good night and see what tomorrow brings us :)!

- blogging on the go with my iphone!