Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 13: date night tuesday

So i had to sneak this post in right quick before my husband rings my neck! He has declared tuesday night as movie night since we barely get to get out and watch them at theaters! So as he does the night rituals and puts the girls to sleep I hurry to clean for our extravagant date! Lol! Throw some last minute loads of laundry and dishes in its correct appliance! Pop a bag of popcorn and pour us some "grown up juice" my kids phrase it as. Yes we are those parents that treat ourselves to some to midweek drinks to catch some sanity lol! And once they fall asleep me and the hubs are single couple for a few hours! Eek i hear him fumbling around upstairs that must mean the lip gloss poppin divas have drifted off to fantasy land. So for my parents out there what do you do when your kids fall asleep? Off i
Go! Happy tuesday night! See you tomorrow! ;-p

- blogging on the go with my iphone!

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  1. LOL you are too funny sneaking this in. My hubby and I have home movie nights on the weekends when we can. I love watching movies in the comfort of my own home, under a blanket, and I didn't even have to bother w/ makeup or getting dressed. =)