Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 16: New Look

Well if you havent notice my blog has a new look. Going to test it out for a couple days see how I like. But I have a feeling that I might change. Some down part of this layout is that it doesnt show my frequent bloggers that I visit daily. I like sharing my "pacific blogging sister and brothers" so they can reach a other readers out there. We will see. We have another long weekend ahead us,but not as hectic as last weekend. I'm sure you will be seeing some photo op session. Im just ready for the holidays to come and be over with already. To be honest, I havent been really in the Christmas spirit type of mood. Im hoping this will pass and a miracle feeling will give me that "hurry and buy your kids some present" but SANTA will take care of that (wishful thinking) lol. Have to keep this short cause my crazy weekend starts NOW~!!!!!!

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