Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 7: House woes

Well yesterday we had a snow day! And of course with this crazy comes unexpected house woes. If u read yesterday, we found this little woe

With the holiday, parties, birthday in store, money is mad tight. We just finished our landscaping

Which cost us a arm n leg. Up part: cold hard cash was paid instead of plastic. We are really proud of that. Hard earned money is finally showing off.

So to mend the problem, we ended up doing this

Hopefully this holds up until we can get $$$ for the repair. (fingerscrossed pray for us)

Along with cracked windows, we had a scare the day before yesterday on thinking our house was going to burn down! As we were settling down for the night as we were watching tv, my daughter gets up to say that the house smells funny. Instead of looking to see what it was, the husband automatically points the finger at me yelling " what are cooking, babe, its burning" I run downstairs to the kitchen, to find nothing avail. The horrible burn stench was just in the kitchen and no where else. It also had a bad smell of gas mixed in it. Opening all the doors in the house. Praying that it wasnt carbon monoxide posion trailing in our house. (Now I know CO2 does not have a We were running around the house like mad men. Scaring the heck out of the girls. After searching all appliances, including the heater, we found the problem of all places. A plastic lid to one of the girls sippy cup was slowly at its death bed melting away on the bottom of our DISHWASHER. UGH!RELIEF! So reminder moms, make sure the all debris is cleared at the bottom of the dishwasher, or else you can have quite a scare like we did. Up part, it was the last of the baby sippy cups that they have been dying to get rid of but the girls dearly was hooked too. hahaha. Talk about house woes!

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