Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 5: Christmas Spirit

If you didn't know already its December and the HOLIDAY cheer is everywhere and I thought I would spread mine with this video! For a monday, this surely made my day. So many things have been put on my plate this year. My baby girl turns 5 in six day. So her big "5" extravanganza is in a brewing. And what has mommy dearest done, NADA! Along with that, Im hosting a christmas party at my house in two weeks. And again, the hostest with the mostest has done nothing. The girls both have christmas programs schedule for their schools and I have yet to buy their dress yet, along for Christmas mass. Along with those, I have yet to shop for my kiddes of the family. Oh How I love the end of the year fiasco! (Can you sense the sarcasm) lol. With that, I hope you are far along more then me and have done your shopping for christmas.


  1. OMG that video is hilarious! It sure did put a smile on my face this Monday morning. We all know how wonderful Monday's are. lol I too hate the end of the year tornado that is Christmas shopping. Good luck to you. I think I'm going to try online shopping this year. I hate the crowds

  2. ...and this is the perfect kick start to the festivities. Im sure the supermummy in you will get everything done before Christmas :) Enjoy the preps... LOL! Im doing my shopping online lol :)