Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 17-21: Time Warp

As you can see I totally missed a total of 4 days of blogging! BOO! Me, but there is a perfect excuse. IM TIRED! IM EXHAUSTED! Holiday cheer is overwhelming. We had our annual Exchange reunion and boy did I have a full house. 40 people in total. The most I have ever had in my house. But luckily, they were good friends and help a sister clean up. We were up til 3am singing, dancing. Sunday, We took are much needed family photo, since the last one we have are 2 years ago when my youngest looked like a ugly grimlin. They turned out amazing and the photographer has very fast service. Check her out NPBEACH PHOTOGRAPHY

Monday, We recovered from the weekend and did family movie night. The pick of choice. Peter Pan. My girls are suckers for fantasy,but really what girl isnt Tuesday, was the winner day. I can officially say that within record time. We have finished christmas shopping. Me and the hubs were on a mission. To get in and out. We have minor things for the girls stocking stuffers, but I am proud that we are done. The kicker: We even stayed in budget. I love when money is saved. My babies will have a wonderful christmas and thankful that we can spend it as a family.


  1. Gone back to old format. I like this one :)

    Yay for staying in budget with Christmas shopping!

  2. love your photos...your girls are such cuties :) and OMG I'm so jealous that youre done with Christmas shopping and stayed within budget :) here's wishing you and yours a lovely Christmas!

  3. Beautiful photos, Kim!! Happy New Year!